Wednesday 13th September 2017

Moving la03 , la05 , la6 , la8 , la14 and la16, scheduled 2 years ago


The Why - To get better performance we will moving all servers (la03 , la05 , la6 , la8 , la14 and la16) to different nodes which may cause up to 30 minutes of downtime per VM.

Details - Work Start Time: Sep 13, 2017 Work End Time: Sep 20 2017 Work Window: Hours Actual Outage Estimated Time: 10 -30 mintues or less per VM Effect: la03 , la05 , la6 , la8 , la14 and la16 , LA location

Our team will work quickly to ensure there is minimal downtime during this emergency maintenance.

If you have any questions on the process or any doubts please feel free to contact us anytime!

Thank you,