Friday 13th April 2018

Free upgrade Disk Space + RAMS and migrating, scheduled 1 year ago

We are happy to announced that we will Do free upgrade for the following package of Storage in LA

200GB package will be upgraded to 250 GB of Disk Space + 1 GB RAM instead of ( 200GB HD + 512MB RAM )
500GB package will be upgraded to 2 GB RAMS instead of (1GB RAMS )

All packages will be migrated to high capacity nodes the following

E5-2570+ & E5-2680 & 32 Cores & 40 Cores
Raid 10 with high performance i/o

Details -
Work Start Time: APR 14, 2018 = 8PM GMT+2
Work End Time: APR 16 2018
Work Window: 15 minute
Actual Outage Estimated Time: 10 -15 Minutes
Effect: la11, la06
location : Los Angeles

Site note : Free upgrade will be available for migrating nodes only.

Our team will work quickly to ensure there is minimal downtime during this migrating maintenance.

If you have any questions on the process or any doubts please feel free to contact us anytime!

Thank you,